Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where to start? Firstly I can't believe I haven't mentioned your virtual addiction to race cars! "V8 Supercars?" or "Formula 1?" can be heard several times a day from your mouth. Although not obsessed where you MUST have a car in your hand, you do often carry around several cars at a time.

I feel like a mean mum at times at the moment. You've had the cold and gotten over it quickly. Jude has now come down with it pretty badly so on top of his already demanding nature, he wants more attention which means I cannot spend time with you. You also seem to have moments in your language skills and as I know you can understand what I am saying, when you don't do as I ask, its rather agravating. Your conversational skills are getting there very gradually. You will listen to a question and answer yes or no to the best of your knowledge. Spontaneous language and comments are comming along too but not in a conversational way. We are focussing on getting you to pronounce words clearly with the thought that this might increase your confidence. You still do wail and grunt a lot which does not help us to help you.

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  1. Hi Heather. Sorry to leave this comment here. I hope you see it. I wasn't too sure how else to contact you.
    Good can get Mod Podge in Australia now. I have seen it at Spotlight and some craft stores. You can always use diluted PVA too as a substitute which I do all the time.